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Follow the child!

As the very first International Montessori Elementary School in Denmark, our goal is to spread the unique methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori and to guide our students to become amazing human beings!

Through the unique teaching approach of Dr. Maria Montessori and a truly passionate staff, we help students to become independent, self thinking, compassionate, loving human beings and develop academically to their highest level.

The goal of International Montessori School Copenhagen is to support the child's development with a view to long-term psychological health and well-being - as well as a high academic level. We want to create independent-thinking individuals who are creative and innovative as well as compassionate and loving beings, and who fulfill their highest academic potential (and meet all learnings goals of the Ministry of Children and Education).

It is our belief that this is best achieved by letting the child develop his or her own curiosity and intelligence in a safe environment and at his or her own pace, and explore his or her own inner interests through individualized learning using Montessori teaching materials that are optimized for each child’s learning, where the role of the teacher is to support the child without pressure or control. We follow the child!

"Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him or her learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence."
- Maria Montessori



Opening soon
Age group: 2½ -5 ½

The young child possesses a once-in-a-lifetime, sponge-like capacity to take information from the immediate environment. Dr. Montessori called this phenomenon “the absorbent mind,” and the pedagogy she developed is premised on the understanding that, placed in the right environment, young children will learn spontaneously, without external command or pressure. Our Primary/Preschool is meticulously prepared with educational materials that can be manipulated by the children, encouraging 2½ - 5½-year-olds to discover and learn at their own pace. A Montessori teacher has outstanding observational skills so that each child will be appreciated as an individual and matched to the materials to which they will currently respond with the greatest involvement.

Happy Circle


Opened in August 2021
Age group: 5½-15

Our goal is to show your child the universe and help that child find his or her place in it. This Montessori methodology is based on your child’s efforts to learn at his or her own pace and develop intellectual interests in the child's own way. The elementary child has reached the stage of development where they like to know the cause and effect of everything surrounding them. The lower elementary child begins to develop abstract thinking skills and imagination with the guidance of the "Five Great Lessons". Our program continues to feature small group and one-on-one lessons, with a focus on building a community within this group.



Child driven


The kids will be exposed to 9 main areas/topics: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, and Cultural Studies, Danish Language, Science and Nature, Art, Grace, Courtesy, and Peace.


For children ages 6-12, the elementary curriculum encompasses Language, Math, Geometry, Physical Geography, Cultural Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, Astronomy, Peace Studies, and Danish language. The elementary work frequently involves research, discussion, and large-scale projects. 



"The child is truly a miraculous being and this has to be felt deeply by the educator" Maria Montessori



Head of Montessori department
Lead Guide 6-12

AMI teacher for Primary, Elementary and Adolescent level
More than 40 years of experience

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Co-Teacher  6-9

AMI teacher in training 
3 years of Montessori classroom experience



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Lead Guide 3-6


Assistant 3-6

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Substitute 3-6





International Montessori Department coordinator
Member of the  Board of Directors


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Administration Office


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We are looking for AMI/AMS Primary 3-6 and Elementary Guide 6-12 with many years of experience and with an EU passport


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“In the child is much knowledge, much wisdom. If we do not profit from it, it is only because of neglect on our part to become humble and to see the wonder of this soul and learn what the child can teach.”

Maria Montessori

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FEES 21/22


Application fee: 2,200 DKK non-refundable to be paid at the time of application (after your child has been finally accepted at the school).

School fee: 2,600 DKK per month per child, if registered by September 1st, for children with CPR numbers.

For children without CPR number, or registered after September 1st, the monthly fee is 5,500 DKK (because after September 5th the school will not receive state subsidy for new registrations).

Before and after school activities (SFO):

Morning & afternoon: 1,200 DKK

Only morning: 400 DKK

Only afternoon: 1,000 DKK

Shuttle bus fee: to be announced if sufficient parents are interested in such a bus.

Deposit: 3 months of school fees to be paid before August 1st the year the child starts school (for the 2nd and 3rd child it is only 1 month of school fee). This is refundable after the child leaves school or after 3 months' notice of withdrawal is given (and all school fees have been promptly paid).

Withdrawal: 3 months notice.

Siblings discount:

2nd child: 2,300 DKK per month (you save 300 DKK)

3rd child: 2,100 DKK per month (you save 500 DKK)

4th child and more: 1,400 DKK per month (you save 1,200 DKK)

The above siblings discount is for enrollment before September 1st for children with a CPR number. If you do not fall in this category, and if you have more than one child, please write to us.

The monthly fee may be raised from August 2022.



We accept all kids no matter race, ethnicity, social-economical background, religion and gender

We give priority to:

- children who have attended a Montessori primary or elementary before

- children with siblings at the school

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Your Gateway to Learning

Here is a link to the enrollment form:

The form is both for our Montessori Preschool (2.5-5 years) and Elementary school (5-12 years). If you have sent us an email with details about your child, please fill in the form instead.

This is the enrollment process:

  1. You apply to enroll using the above form

  2. You fill out the questionnaire that we will send you as soon as we get the enrollment form

  3. We have an online conversation or phone call with you as well as a personal meeting with you and your child

  4. Your child comes to visit the class during a morning working period

  5. Your child/children are accepted and you pay the application fee and school fees

There is no application/enrollment fee at this stage. Once the process is finalized (steps 1-4) you will be asked to pay the application fee and school fee.


Dyregårdsvej 5, 2740 Skovlunde


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